Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mystery Solved!

Rumor has it that my Snowy Heart Design is the design that won an editors pick in the Minted Getting Hitched Save the Date Challenge.   Apparently an email went out on Thursday, but my copy of the email must have been lost in cyberspace.  So, I’ve requested a copy of the email and hope to get it soon!

In the interim, check out the winning design!

(I know I know...there is a heart on this design and I am not typically one to infuse hearts in any part of my style...but I did notice that designs with hearts tended to get selected, so I took a stab at it...looks like it worked.   Also my initial title for this little design was "Cold Hearted".  hahaha…but that isn’t very romantic nor would a bride pick such a negatively named save the date.  I think it would have been ironic and funny….but not everyone really gets my nerdy/warped sense of humor.  Oh well, Snowy Heart it is!)

Coming Up Next :  Minted is holding a Business Card Design Challenge, so I will be sure to post on this topic soon. 

1 comment:

  1. I love this Save the Date and I have emailed but no one is responding to me. I am wondering if this can be made in Silver, it is my wedding color and I would like to use the same color theme.