Friday, June 29, 2012

New Art Prints

I am really excited about the new Minted Art Print category. It really takes me back to my fine art studio days! After the big holiday challenge it was kind of nice to look through my past portfolio to see what I had that was ‘minted worthy.’ Sort of an easy and fun way to enter a challenge.

So I submitted the following. Feel free to vote for these and more if you have the time. Remember a 5 = AMAZING, but only if you think so too.

I also thought I would try out a few portraits to see what would happen with the reaction of the community. So we will see how they fair.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Christmas (and Hanukah too!) in Junely

I am posting to celebrate Christmas/Hanukah/Holidays in Junely (pronounced June-Lie, yes this is a made up word I created combining June and July)! That is right, while the rest of the world is enjoying the summer I’ve been hunkered in my design studio ignoring the bright sunny day outside my window (and all other things as well, just ask my husband about the state of our house!). Instead of sitting pool side I’ve been imagining winter wonderlands, sugar plum ferries, and all that the holiday season will bring. ‘Why?’ you may ask. Well, in the stationery world summertime Christmas/Hanukah is the norm, in fact, it is all the rage, as designers of the world work on the creations to make your family look beautiful on your holiday card of choice come November/December (and January for you procrastinators out there!).

Take a look at the below designs and if you deem them worthy of your time, please feel free to vote for each and every one of them by clicking on their individual images. Every vote will bring the design closer to being sold on (one of the loveliest stationery websites out there).

Berry Bunch Garland

Bright & Light

Doily Doily

Stitched Up Wreath

Stitched & Sealed

In Review

Simple Stripe

The Most

Connected Christmas

Many thanks in advance to all who will vote for me (5s I hope!) and I’ll keep you all updated on how everything shakes out. :)