Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Real Announcements: Purple + Green Garden, Very British...No?

This post has been a long time coming.   Gorgeous baby Harper McClean was born back in July to my good friend Mindell.  

If you’ve read this blog I am sure you are familiar with her family’s designs Click the following to see:  Hudson’s 1st Birthday Invites, the Housewarming Party InviteHappy New Years Cards & Baptism Announcements. I’ve joked with her that she should pay me a retainer and I can just create unlimited paper designs for her all year round, ha!)

When it came to Harper’s Birth Announcements Mindell couldn’t decide on just one photo (taken by another friend Erika, over at Elizabeth Rose Photography), can you blame her?  Harper is just super adorable.

So we came up with three versions of the announcement:

Also she wanted one design inspired by Harper’s nursery, which, has a very English garden feel: 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Real Wedding Suite: Colorado Forest in the Fall

It was such a pleasure designing these invitations for Tehia and Will.  They have such impeccable taste and knew that little details can really enhance an already amazing wedding.

To introduce and excite family and friends to attend their wedding in the stunning Beaver Creek, Colorado, Tehia and Will selected s simplistic yet elegant design using the Colorado forestscape as inspiration.

I just LOVE how these turned out. 

And isn’t this photo of the bride just absolutely breathtaking? 

Matt Alberts Wedding Photography took these photos and even more stunning shots on the wedding day as well:  see more at his blog.

Rehearsal Invites


& Thank You Cards

I heard a rumor that their wedding may end up featured in a magazine…so I’ll keep you posted when that happens!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Design Obsession: Indigo Prints

After doing a bit of stalking on other designers' websites and blogs I discovered a new stationery website that accepts designs and holds competitions…hooray!

Indigo Prints accepts designs at anytime and also holds competitions.  What is great about this is that it requires little voting by you and I don’t really have too many deadlines, which is nice.  I get to work at my own speed.

I am really quite excited to announce that they already accepted one of my designs and I am waiting to hear back on the others:

Here is my accepted Pom Pom Design, I cannot wait to find out when it goes up for sale.

And here are the designs I submitted for the Baby Shower Invitation Challenge.

Drops of Rain

 Bundled Baby Boy

 & the Bundled Baby Girl Version: 

Baby Geography:

I can’t wait to hear the results (maybe sometime this week).  I’ll keep you updated when I find out.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tweet – Rolling Old School Style

Kids these days…they need to learn there is more to social communication than a quick twitter message or status post on facebook. We need to get them writing! (I sound like a curmudgeonly old lady shaking her fist in the air at the neighbor kids when I say that, ha!)

So joining in with the aforementioned ‘Kids’ I put up a post on my Facebook page a couple weeks ago asking for children’s stationery design requests and I had an outpouring of ideas, suggestions and special requests…but I didn’t have much time. So in the end only the following three designs were submitted and are now ready to be voted on over at Minted.

Please click on the below designs and you will be whisked away for voting. Many Many thanks!

personal stationery - Chickadee
personal stationery - Chickadee

I think this one is my favorite – Think tweeting is only done online?  Hello, what about longhand? (Says the curmudgeonly old lady again!)

personal stationery - Color Me Dino
personal stationery - Color Me Dino

I really like the idea of making a kid’s note card that can be colored in. I wanted to do a whole slew of ‘color me’ cards, but alas, time was not my friend.

Also I’ve discovered a new stationery site to submit designs to! One of my designs has already been accepted by Indigo Prints and two new baby shower designs made it into the top 50 for the facebook fan favorite voting. More on that later, but take a look at their facebook page and like them to see a few more details before I post more myself!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Real Wedding Suite: Glamourous Garden Pink & Black

I love designing for friends and family.  It is great to just 'know' what design is right for them. 

I've been holding back on this one.  My brother and his wife (see there save the dates here) were happily married back in June and I am excited to finally share their invites and wedding photos with you.  They were looking for something glamorous and classic in their wedding design.   This is what we came up with to give the guests a teaser of what was to come on the big day!  

My new favorite embellishment is to add a coordinating graphic on the envelope, why does design have to stop inside, hidden away? I think the post office and mail man deserve to see a bit of pretty design as well!

I love the iridescence of this paper, depending on which way you looked it was a vivid pink to a deep raspberry and even sometimes had a red tint (which made my brother happy that it wasn't totally PINK, ha!)

And from the Wedding Day: 

I LOVE their faces, especially Tom, there IS a rather large clump of birdseed traveling towards his face!

& All the little details: 

My Shoes from the big day.  THANK YOU Betsey Johnson!