Saturday, January 15, 2011

I DID IT, but what does it mean.?.?.?

The results for the Minted's most recent design challenge (save the dates) came in yesterday and since I had a VERY busy day I didn't think about checking the results until I was sitting in the Chicago airport during a layover to Boston.   Since Wi-Fi cost $7 (and I am cheap) I didn't think paying the sum just to be online for 5 minutes was worth it.   Thank goodness I have a mini computer for a phone and I used my trusty blackberry.  

Guess what:  I WON AN AWARD!!!  A "Jury's Pick".   I was so excited I pretty much skipped onto the plane (you can ask my younger sister Andrea, she was a witness). The problem was...I didn't quite know what a jury's pick meant or which of my designs won, and on top of that I had to turn my phone off.  (Stupid FAA rules, but I guess it is for our safety, bla bla bla.)

And the problem still is, after surfing around minted's website and scouring the design challenge terms and conditions, I still don't know.... All I see now is a star next to my profile stating that I am a winner! 

So for now, since I am uber-excited, I thought I’d just share my joy and once I know more I will post the design that won and the details on what it means for Inkblot! 

I am pretty much over the moon!

And now what better way to celebrate than to spend the long weekend in Boston with my two sisters? 

Happy weekend everyone!

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