Sunday, April 18, 2010

Save the Date: Library Card Catalogue

A childhood friend of mine, well actually the annoying younger sister of a childhood friend of mine, is getting married this fall at a beautiful library up in Minnesota. She didn’t really want to do too much with the whole library theme for the invites, but to be honest, I’ve been just waiting for the perfect person to do a library themed card for. So, I put my thinking cap on and sent her 3 unique designs. Deciding to be a bit annoying myself, I snuck in one library themed save the date in the mix.

And guess what? She picked it! Yay!

So, I have since decided this younger sister of my childhood friend isn’t quite so annoying after all. (Actually, she is quite an accomplished, articulate and absolutely lovely young woman, but sometimes I just can't get her 5 year old tantrums out of my mind)

Here is the finished product!

For those of you who are either too young or just never made it to the library, here is a brief explanation of my inspiration: I mirrored the outside flap of the save the date to look like an old card catalogue. Then on the inside of the flap I took all the wedding details and laid them out like an actual catalogue card is set up. (Now some of you librarians out there, please note I took a bit of liberty with the exact details…so no harping on my design if it doesn’t line up just perfectly with the dewy decimal system and other such Liberian nonsense. I do hope I did this archaic research system justice!)

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