Sunday, April 18, 2010

Boston Marathon Alzheimer's Fundraiser

My older sister is a rock star when it comes to marathon running and tomorrow she is running the Boston Marathon for the 4th time!

For those that do not know, one must qualify under a certain time to run in the Boston Marathon and Erika, without even trying, keeps re-qualifying with a better time every year.

On top of the amazing feet of running 26.2 miles each year, she also is dedicated to raising funds for Alzheimer’s research.

This past month our grandmother passed away after suffering for over 13 years from Alzheimer’s, living the last years of her life without the ability to even communicate. The disease is truly a HORRIBLE one and the Alzheimer’s Association can use every penny it receives to fund research, find out how to prevent, diagnose and hopefully, some day, find a cure.

So for those than can, please help support this cause and my sister's 4th Boston Marathon run by clicking here and donating to the Alzheimer’s Association.


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