Monday, April 19, 2010

A Bride’s Best Friend!

Oh the joy of that little blue box! I think that any girl, whether she admits it or not, will have an increase in heart rate and butterflies in their stomach when she sees that blue box tied with a white ribbon.

Well get ready world because about 160 women (and men, but they probably won’t care as much) out there are now going to have that tiny bit of pleasure delivered to their door. While these invitations are not the real deal arriving from a tiffany store, they certainly have the feel of it and as the bride of this invite would say: “These is even better than the tiffany blue!”

To create this Tiffany & Co. look, I took some lovely shimmery tiffany blue (well ‘Caspian’ in my swatch book) colored pocket folds and paper paired it with some lovely patterned vellum that I think mirrors the facets of a diamond and added a bit of bright white shimmer. Tie it all together with a 7/8th” White satin ribbon and - VOILA! - A Tiffany inspired wedding invitation! What better way to get your guests excited for a wedding than to remind them of diamonds!

As a side note, check out my FAVORITE Tiffany line of jewelry by Frank Gehry. I have a few of the silver pieces and the next item on my wish list is this lovely little diamond ring. I’m not holding my breath, but I know it will be mine someday!

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  1. How Beautiful, Megan!! I love those invites! ;)
    I like that ring that you threw in there too... totally you :)