Thursday, April 1, 2010

Calling Cards, oh the Decorum of it all…

The other day I got to talking with my mom about Victorian calling cards. -She is taking some antique classes at the local historical society, so the topic really did come up in everyday conversation.- She basically told me about the etiquette and use of the calling card during the 19th century, so that got me thinking:

"If it worked in the 1800s why not modern times!"

In the 19th century, ladies of leisure would circulate amongst their social circle and if they ever expected to be received at a home of a friend, acquaintance or even an enemy, then she must present a calling card stating her name.

This was essentially a way for the lady of the house to screen her ‘calls’. She could either choose to receive her guest or “not be at home.” -Total slap in the face if you ask me-

Now that we have FANCY technology such as cell phones with caller ID, texting and email, there is so little need for such formalities of returning a social ‘call’ in person. In fact that would be considered rude to just show up on a person’s doorstep.

What we do have need for is a way to convey our numerous numbers, emails, blog links, facebook, etc.

Here are two quick designs I came up with today: both could work for male or female, depending on the colors used, and the one on the right is a kids design.

I love the idea of children walking around with their own business cards/calling cards! Just imagine a little boy walking up to you, shaking your hand and saying:

“Nice to meet you, my name is Owen, I’m 5 years old and here’s my card!”

Ha! I LOVE IT! And what a cute little gift to give your son/daughter, nephew/niece, god child…or little friend of the family.

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