Saturday, September 3, 2011

Real Wedding Suite: Glamourous Garden Pink & Black

I love designing for friends and family.  It is great to just 'know' what design is right for them. 

I've been holding back on this one.  My brother and his wife (see there save the dates here) were happily married back in June and I am excited to finally share their invites and wedding photos with you.  They were looking for something glamorous and classic in their wedding design.   This is what we came up with to give the guests a teaser of what was to come on the big day!  

My new favorite embellishment is to add a coordinating graphic on the envelope, why does design have to stop inside, hidden away? I think the post office and mail man deserve to see a bit of pretty design as well!

I love the iridescence of this paper, depending on which way you looked it was a vivid pink to a deep raspberry and even sometimes had a red tint (which made my brother happy that it wasn't totally PINK, ha!)

And from the Wedding Day: 

I LOVE their faces, especially Tom, there IS a rather large clump of birdseed traveling towards his face!

& All the little details: 

My Shoes from the big day.  THANK YOU Betsey Johnson!

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