Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Letter Q

Q is for Quandary

I’ve always been intrigued by this mysterious letter Q.   The letter that tends to be so exclusive and usually just hangs out with the letter u...what is so great about the letter u?  Huh?  Is it just a trophy letter or does it have a great personality as well?  Hmmm...Well I’ll have to come up with something soon if I am going to post about 'u'

On a non-Q related topic, I had a GREAT time at the Pop-Cork Wine tasting last night!   I pretty much listened to the education part of the presentation until the 4th wine and after that...well lets just say I wasn't the only one that stopped taking notes! Ha! 

Anyway happy Wednesday to you all!

Typography/Font Roll Call
Top Row:  Lucida Backletter, Oliver, Gill Sans Ultra Bold
Middle Row:  Budmo Jiggler, Solange, Rosewood Standard
Bottom Row:  MaxInitiale, Giddyup Standard, Harrington

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