Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Letter M

M is for many many things!  For 25 years it was both my first and last initial (and of course it continues to be my first initial, along with my husband's as well – M is for Mike!) 

M is for Minted, my current obsession (please vote for my designs:  THE Couple & Watermark Leaf!!!).  

M is for magazines!  My guilty pleasure.  ReadyMade, Mental Floss & Dwell are among my favorites.

There is an entire list of more M 'likes', but I won’t bore you.

Typography/Font Roll-Call
Top Row:  Showboat Regular, Eccentric Standard, Gill Sans Ultra Bold
Middle Row: Tonight, Oliver, Tropicana
Bottom Row:  Deco Caps, Giddyup Standard, MaxInitiale 

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