Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Letter K

K is for Kick Off!  As in two of my designs at the’s wedding invitation challenge made it through the 1st elimination round and the voting round just kicked off! 

So here is my plea!   PLEASE vote for me by clicking on the images below!  (Yes you have to create an account, but I promise it will be worth it!)  Please rate me a ‘5’ and hopefully, fingers crossed, should I score high enough, I could earn a spot to sell one of these designs on!

K is also for Klaire, the daughter of my friend Erika (check out her photography blog here and her crafty-creative blog hereand per her request, these colors coordinate with the letter G, for Grace, Klaire’s twin.

Typography/Font Roll-Call
Top Row:  Guttenberg MF, Tropicana, Giddyup
Middle Row: Braggadocio, Oliver, Showboat Regular
Bottom Row:  Nickelodeon, Christmas Card II, Budmo Jiggler


  1. Megan, you totally rock. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  2. Wow! its my wedding in one of the prettiest LA venues next month. Can you make a beautiful wedding invite for me? I loved it. It is simple yet beautiful. I am very simple and so is my fiancé, I would love it, if you could just make a beautiful invite for my wedding.