Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Letter P

P is for Popcorn!  I am a HUGE fan of popcorn, in fact I could easily switch out any meal of the day for popcorn.   AND it is soooo hard to resist.  I could go out for dinner and a movie, stuff my face at dinner on some gourmet dish followed by dessert and still get to the movie theater and as soon as that waive of popcorn smell hits me, I am standing in line to get my popcorn!

Well tonight will be a big treat since I am attending the Greater Omaha Chapter of the National Association of Catering Executive’s (GO NACE) Pop-Cork Experience with Sharon Charny with Sun Belt Charmer Group.   This pairs my TWO favorite things, WINE & POPCORN!!!!  Strange you may think, to pair the two together, but apparently the popcorn will enhance the taste of the wine and bla bla bla bla….more wine please!  Well I hope that I pay a bit more attention than that, but we will just see!

Typography/Font Roll-Call
Top Row:  Sudestada, Oliver, Gill Sans Ultra Bold
Middle Row:  Budmo Jiggler, Solange, Rosewood Standard
Bottom Row:  MaxInitiale, Giddyup Standard, Harrington

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