Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Letter W

W is for Winter....ugh.  I do not like winter.  It is cold and snowy....ugh. 

But I must look on the bright side of things!  Winter = Holidays and I am so excited for the holidays this year!   While many people may complain about spending time with family over the holidays, I revel in it!  I really do love my family, extended family and of course all my friends that make the trip back to Omaha over this festive season!

So I will put on my scarf, mittens, and hat (even though I am totally not a hat person, I really wish I were, but alas, I am not), hop out into the freezing cold weather and hope that my car seat warmers are in good working order.   Happy Winter everyone!  

Typography/Font Roll Call
Top Row:  Morgan TwentyNine, Eccentric Standard, DecoCaps
Middle Row:  Poplar Standard Black, , Tropicana, Guttenberg MF
Bottom Row: Currency, Oliver, Braggadocio

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