Thursday, December 30, 2010

I feel like a debutante.

But I don’t get to wear a pretty white dress…darn…but the cover of the magazine I am in has a lovely white dress on the cover!

I took the plunge, I now officially advertise in a real live print magazine, Nebraska Wedding Day, and it is out on the shelves at your respective bookstore (well if you live in or near Nebraska that is).

I am pretty excited about this new exposure, not only because my ad is out there for tons and tons of brides to see but NE Wedding Day also took some of my sample photos and used them in their feature! Too fun! Take a look at my début to the wonderful world of wedding magazines.

 If the invites from the photo on the top left look familiar it is because they are Inkblot Invites!  See the close ups of these Butter Cream, Burnt Sugar and Diamond Invites Here!

And a teaser for the brides out there: In early January I will be featured on NE wedding Day’s Blog with a Friday Freebee and it is quite the grand giveaway…if I do say so myself!

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