Sunday, October 23, 2011

DIY Wedding Letter/Monogram Sign In Board

I came up with this wedding ‘guest book’ idea ages ago, and finally got around to creating it to debut at the Wedding Essential’s Idea Show. 

This certainly will be something that you can purchase from us here at inkblot paper designs, but I just couldn’t resist sharing the Do-It-Yourself steps. 

So without further ado….I give you inkblot’s first DIY project: A Wedding Monogram/Letter Sign-in Board.

Newsprint Paper or Other form of Scrap Paper
White Poster Board
Black Poster Board
X-Acto Knife
Cutting Mat
Metal Ruler (optional)

Step One:
Freehand draw or trace a desired letter on the newsprint/scrap paper in the size you would like the finished letter to be. I chose a poster-sized letter to fit in a 24” x 36” frame.   
Helpful hint: if you have an LCD Projector, you can project any font from your computer onto the paper and trace the letter.  Make sure to select a font that will allow plenty of space for people to sign.  Bold serif or sans serif typefaces work well for this.

Step Two:
Cut letter out of newsprint/scrap paper.

Step Three:
Tape the newsprint letter to black poster board

Step Four:
Use an X-Acto knife to cut around the Letter through the Black Poster board. (Discard newsprint & black poster board letters)
Helpful Hint:  If you are cutting out a letter with a straight edge, use a metal edged ruler to guide the X-acto knife. This will create a nice finished edge. Also make sure you have a cutting mat under the poster board, you don’t want to ruin your table, counter floor, etc.

Step Five:
Layer the black poster board (with letter opening) over white poster board & place in frame (without glass).

Step Six:

Select your desired color of pen and have your guests sign on the white poster board inside the black cut out letter.   
Helpful Hint: Make sure to select a color that will fit with your home décor, not just your wedding colors, that way, when it is time to hang your letter, there will not be any clashing of colors.  Sometimes a nice neutral gold, silver or black is a good choice. These colors will always match your décor and changing tastes through the years.

Step Seven:
After the big day and the letter is completely filled with signatures and well wishes, remove the black poster board, cover the letter with glass and hang the framed letter on your wall or add to your bookshelf.  

Voila! A wedding memory that fits in perfectly with most any room style.

Happy crafting everyone & enjoy!


  1. Super neat idea, Megan! I wish I had one of these from my wedding. :-)

  2. This is a great use of poster board from your wedding! I like it, Megan!

  3. I have truly found this just in time, and it's even more perfect because my last name will be an M! Thank you for the step by step guide :)

    1. I hope the wedding goes well Alisha! i would love to see photos!