Thursday, February 3, 2011

Business Cards!

Well I touched a bit on this topic in my post Calling Cards, Oh the Decorum of It All, and now Minted is holding a personal/business card challenge and here are the designs I submitted.   I wish I had time to submit more, but my free time to design for these challenges is few and far between.  

However it only takes ONE design to win, so with that being said, please vote for me yet again. You can click on each of the designs listed below and it will take you directly to voting.  Vote each one ‘5’ please – if you deem the designs worthy that is! And if you have the time, vote for the other deigns as well.  There are some pretty fabulous cards and good ideas that I always see and say to myself...why didn't I think of that!?!?!?!

Also speaking of business cards : check back tomorrow to view a new logo and business card I created for a pretty fabulous new salon here in town!

Many Thanks for Voting!

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