Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ideas Please!

Hi all!  I am entering some designs for minted.com's wedding invitation challenge and I'd love some input from everyone, especially from the past, present & future brides out there. 

If I am successful I could walk away with a line of wedding invitation designs on a national website!  Oh the joy of it all!  It would be like winning the lottery! (Not quite AS instantly lucrative, but tons of design kudos!)

There are a few categories they are looking for:

- Best Outdoors or Nature-inspired design
- Best Modern Beach or Destination design
- Best Whimsical or Off-Beat design
- Best Design Prominently Featuring a Couple's Monogram or Names
- Best Fresh Take on a Classic (Formal) design
- Best Modern, Bold, or Typographic design

So far I've entered the below 4 designs and would like to come up with a few more that fit into the above categories.  Any ideas out there? What would you want to buy?  Feel free to comment on my blog or on my facebook page


1 comment:

  1. Megan, I LOVE Jess and Tom's Save-the-Date design...

    GOOD LUCK!!!