Saturday, May 15, 2010

NYC – Day 1

Well my good friend (and event planner extraordinaire), Mindell, and I flew to NYC yesterday and we are having a blast! (After we got over the whole getting up at 4 AM to catch a 7AM flight…not so much fun).

The National Stationery Show doesn’t start until Sunday so we decided to start the weekend early with some shopping!

After arriving at our hotel and learning we were upgraded to a suite (Yippy!), we hit the town. I bought this lovely dress from Anthropologie. Yes, you see correct there are kittens on the dress…I’ve named two, fluffy and…well…shoot…I can’t remember the other, I had a few cocktails last night. Ha!

So obviously we had a good time in the evening. After we changed into our new dresses, we went out to 230 Fifth, a Rooftop Lounge, and the over to 20th & Park to a little French restaurant. Everything was delicious!

Today is looking absolutely beautiful! The day should be filled with all kinds of lovely adventures and my sister came down from Boston to share them with us as well!

I’ll be keeping you posted….and I promise to take photos to share as well!

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