Monday, May 10, 2010

Learning Cursive...

Just recently I’ve become OBSESSED with calligraphy…mostly because I have horrendous handwriting and if it were not for the lovely typography designers, I would not have a business!

But as much as there are some truly beautiful typefaces out there, one cannot feel the same care and dedication that an ornate (either traditional or modern) hand calligraphed envelope can posses.

There are some pretty fabulous calligraphers in this world that have really taken calligraphy into the modern world. Here are some of my favorites.

Emilie Friday

Laura Hooper Calligraphy

Paper Finger

Queen Quills

Each one of these images inspires me to try to learn the art of the pen...alas, try as I might...I just don't think that I was meant to have legible writing. So I will give credit where credit is due and leave it to the professionals!

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  1. That last one is great! Love the uniqueness of it!