Wednesday, February 10, 2010 we go!

My first blog post ever! I am super excited to announce the simultaneous launch of my new website, blog, face book fan page and I’m also tweeting!

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So onto the good stuff…
Well after much thought about my very first blog post I figured I would write a bit more about myself and my ideas for this blog.

Throughout my life I’ve been inspired by creative people all around me and love to make beautiful things. Starting with memories of my mom’s handmade Halloween costumes, impressions to make and create started very young

(Yep that is me, the ballerina on the right, rocking the tiara made from aluminum foil and card board and my sister’s bunny ears, my mom made from paper, glitter, glue, wire and a headband! And yes, she sewed our costumes from scratch as well)

From this innocent start all the way up to now, friends, family members and now clients come to me to “fashion-up” an idea, an art piece, some stationary, and yes even Halloween costumes (my mom taught me well!)
With my degree of Studio Art/Painting and my design sense a bit more evolved, I rolled right into the event world ready to leave my design mark on the word with both
Custom stationery & paper design

and event coordination and design

In this blog I intend to explore the many creative details that are part of events, comment on etiquette and its relevance in today’s world (or at least my take on it). I plan to write about some of my favorite trends, vendors, creative blogs and websites and of course comment on my personal and artistic life. So now that this first post pressure is off my shoulders…here we go!


  1. Megan! I have anxiously been awaiting your blog and website...they both look really great! I'm looking forward to following what you have to share. I wish you the best and hope the rest of the world thinks you're as gifted as I do.

    (P.S. Your profile picture is beautiful!)