Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Quirky Cards, Winning & Lovely Patterns

Happy Valentines Day!
I love a good smarmy/quirky valentine card. Here is one from Sapling Press that I oh so enjoy.

I am also happy to report that I am QUITE enjoying my Valentines month if I do say so myself. I found out recently that one of my art print posters came in 5th place at Minted. It was so strange. I really wasn’t expecting anything to come of this design, in fact I got the email from Minted that lists all the editor’s picks and my design and name weren’t listed. I took that as yet another challenge passing without having a good score or a ‘pick.’ Then I thought I would use my handy dandy iPhone to surf online to my designer profile page. I am not really sure what made me do this and I got the shock of my night! I had a ‘winner’ tab next to my name! And after a few more clicks there she was, Nature’s Confetti, looking all pretty sitting in the top 5 designs. I got all giddy and happy. You can ask my husband, I was acting like an idiot.


Well I’ll stop bragging now and just share my joy…and shamelessly ask for more voting help.
I entered only one new design into the most recent challenge, Women’s Stationery. I recycled this design from the journal challenge because I am in love with this color scheme and pattern.

Happy Valentines Day to all!

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