Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hello, my name is Megan and I am a Blogaholic.

Yes it is true. I tweeted about this about a month ago, but it is getting bad. Once I visit a blog, I can’t stop clicking through to new blogs that the blogger recommends. It is a vicious cycle that I do not want to end.

So I have decided to contribute to the delinquency of other blogaholics out there and add a list of my own.

Eventually I will post the blogs I follow somewhere on my site, but here are some of my recent discoveries and favorites:

Black Eiffel - Design
well, about all lovely things.

Not only a great site to buy stationery but also a great blog for inspiration

Oh Happy Day! - Design and Events
a crafty blog that is not your grandmother’s craft show

Snippet & Ink - All things Wedding

And OMG the MOTHER-LOAD: Blog it Forward has an AMAZING list of lovely blogs to check out!

That is it, my day is wasted…or maybe just got a little bit better!

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